When a law no longer matters: Elected reps line up to support School Board candidate who does not qualify under the law…so why should we follow any of the laws they make???

I’m sure many will be upset by this post, but for those that know me: I don’t care and the truth won’t be any different for your feelings.

I’ll cut to the chase: Naveed Baqir does not live at 13 Buttonwood in Newark. He lives at 131 Arielle in Newark.

Why does that matter? Well, thehse two addresses are in two different nominating dsitricts District D and District F.

He lives in District D. How do I know? He ran against me in 2019 from his District D home, then dropped out.

He then filed in District F when Liz Paige resigned her board seat, and the Board selected Warren Howell.

Now, he’s filed to run against Warren Howell in District F, while still living in DIstrict D. How is this possible? Legal?

Well, the possible part is easy: no one cares about the law, notably the CEA, who has a horrific track record in school board elections…but also importantly state legislators like Bryan Townsend, a full throated supporter of the demonstrable failure known as Common Core State Standards, Eric Morrison, frankly a tempramental jerk who routinely shuts off when confronted with basic facts, and Madinah Wilson-Anton who just doesn’t care it appears. All three have contributed money to a NON PARTISAN affair. Oh, let’s not forget Dave Tackett’s support too…go along to get along at it’s finest. Bottom line: these 4 electeds are 100% willing to throw aside the law when they like the candidate.

Why do they like Naveed Baqir? While I can’t answer that knowledgably, I can speculate. They appear to like Friends of Christina School District, a RELIGIOUS 501-c(3) affiliated with CSD. I always thought the 1st amendment acted against the establishment of religion…silly me. Naveed is co-chair of FOCSD. Enough said.

In January 2021 the Super, Board VP and Board President insinuated publicly that teachers were akin to the riotous traitors that stormed the U.S. Capitol. What did FOCSD do in response? Lick their boots. That’s what they did. Did Naveed decry their behavior? Nope. He supported them as they attacked teachers. Disgusting. Sick. Wrong. Surprised Townsend, Morrison, Wilson-Anton supporting attacking PUBLIC SCHOOL teachers? Not me. Look at their legislation: pro-charter all the way.

Is this legal? No. Should Warren Howell file a complaint of eligibility with the Dept. of Elections? Yes. Sadly, I can’t tell you Warren Howell has been a good baord member. He hasn’t. He’s a yes man who voted to select a board super who was selected using an ILLEGAL process as determined by the DE Attorney General.

Bottom line: I cannot support Naveed Baqir on principle. Cheating the system is wrong, no matter what. Attmpting to defend that, using any reasoning, is morally bankrupt. He is ineligible and should not be elected.

Says he lives here: http://www3.nccde.org/parcel/Details/Default.aspx?ParcelKey=186080

Lives here: http://www3.nccde.org/parcel/Details/Default.aspx?ParcelKey=111323

Delaware GA seasoned vets (read Sokola, Baumbach, Townsend) sucker punch the new “progressive” legislators into a death trap, a.k.a. “shall vs. may” #SB32 is a fraud. UNREAL. #netDE #eduDE

There is too much to credit everyone here, but check out this bill: https://legis.delaware.gov/json/BillDetail/GeneratePdfDocument?legislationId=48276&legislationTypeId=1&docTypeId=2&legislationName=SB32

So, SB32 is a very well intended bill. I support its intent without reservation.

That said, dirty tricks are afoot, and our newest legislators are about to get hoodwinked. I speak as a grisled veteran of Delaware Education wars where those in power, the privileged elite like Senators Lockman, Sturgeon, Townsend, Sokola and Reps. Baumbach and Osienski, run roughshod over neophytes like Gay, Morrison, Wislon-Anton, McBride, Brown, Moore, and Lambert to sneak a ONE WORD change that redefines how a section of code functions.

May vs. shall.

So, here we have a proposed change in Title 14 Section 506 regarding Delaware code regarding CHARTER SCHOOLS in which the precedent, superior clause to the WHOLE section is, including the PROTECTIONS THE BILL SEEK TO ESTABLISH and several other major protections is switched from being governed by “SHALL NOT” to being goverened by “MAY NOT”. Again, this is in the section on RESTRICTIONS!!!!

Why? Why is this here? Who put it there? Do I have a guess? Yes. Is my guess the artichect and almighty PROTECTOR of charter schools at the expense of public, Dave Sokola? Yes. Do I beleive Paul Baumbach wholeheartedly supports Charter Schools over public schools as a co-sponsor of this bill? Yes. Do I think the same of Bryan Townsend and Tizzy Lockman? Well, their name is on it.

Bottom Line: What prpose does this modification of Title 14 serve in advancing the worht agenda of this bill? Answer: It DOESN’T.

Do I think Morrison, Wilson-Anton, Gay, McBride, Lambert, Moore, et al. got suckered into their support/didn’t read the bill?

Sadly, yes. (This is a very sad conclusion when contextualized with my hopefulness for each.)

So, let’s see…who will rise up and DEMAND the word “may not” be returned to “SHALL NOT”. Don’t come on here and @me to claim your ignorance.

Actions>words. Let’s see who’s leading and who’s caving amongst out alleged progressives and alleged supporters of public education…

*** BREAKING NEWS *** @ChristinaK12 Board of Education, led by an illegal ad-hoc committee of Dr. Meredith Griffin and Dr. Keeley Powell, violated Delaware FOIA laws when they hired Superintendent. #netDE #eduDE

Continuing a recent spate of bad behavior, the Christina Board of Education violated state Freedom of Information Act laws in the recent selection of Superintendent Dan Shelton. In the last 18 months, the board has held a secret ballot vote AND secret executive conversations (https://bit.ly/37G6HQD) to appoint Dr. Claire O’Neal, hidden the Superintendent Search in addition to declaring (via a unanimous resolution) their refusal to even hold votes related to the health, safety, and welfare of the students, teachers, and staff they were elected/appointed to protect. I cannot really say it’s surprising given their inclination to keep information away from the public (secret ballots shielding their votes, weekly board memo just dead stopped on 11.8.2019 after nearly a decade of continuous public communication with ZERO explanation, and now a top secret process to select the superintendent…they even ran off two board members who publicly declared to local media that THIS ROGUE Board kept infomation from them!!(https://www.wdel.com/news/christina-school-board-member-resigns/article_bcb4cc76-58b6-11ea-a206-d751261ebb4d.html and https://www.wdel.com/news/2nd-christina-board-member-resigns-citing-toxic-culture-exclusion/article_b238b42c-79d8-11ea-bb67-7775d3881818.html)

The questions for the board are growing. “Led” by Dr. Keeley Powell, they have successfully requested public support for a referendum, but now act with impunity towards those who voted to raise their own taxes, those concerned with a deadly virus, and the board continues to behave with sickening disregard for public meetings and information laws while doing so. Dr. Powell also joined Dr. O’Neal in approving over $160K of contracts to the University of Delaware for various services including this recent superintendent search conducted in secrecy. As a reminder, Dr. Powell and Dr. O’Neal both work at the University of Delaware.

Importantly, $14K of that money went to DASL at UD to fund this secret search. That “search” was led by former Brandywine Superintendent Mark Holodick at DASL. I will submit with confidence that both Dr. Holodick and Dr. Shelton both knew and understood they were participating in a process that violated FOIA laws, and they just didn’t care. As for Dr. Powell and Dr. Griffin’s rogue behavior, I am even more confident in their dripping disdain for anyone, least of all CSD stakeholders, who would question their behavior/motives around following tranparency laws, even ones they literally took an oath to uphold…their record of dismissive behavior toawards these laws is inargubale at this point.

This board recently voted to NOT vote on any school operational decisions, ceding their elected/appointed responsibility to the person they secretly selected…what a mess this board is making! The real questions are, when will public officials call them out for this opaque behavior? When will Friends of Chrristina, a religious 501-c3(https://bit.ly/36KieiB), show us their books and meeting schedules with Board members?

When will our students and teachers have allies to their profession and classrooms who will ASK QUESTIONS AND TAKE VOTES IN SUPPORT OF THEIR NEEDS?

Here’s the headlines from the Attorney General’s ruling on the boards secret behaviors:

Outside of public view…doesn’t sound good…


And the conclusion, they do not understand the rules their oaths require them to follow. A very sad situation and one that cannot/will not improve without elections. I know I have my own theory about why Dr. Griffin resigned ostensibly immediately (https://bit.ly/2JQ6fah) after Superintendent Shelton’s contract offer: He knew he’d done it wrong, and thanks to the AGs office now we all know he and the WHOLE (and COMPLICIT) BOARD did just that, for certain.

Click below for FULL opinion:

Click below for FULL COMPLAINT:

COVID-19 FIRE rages at Kirk Middle School while the CSD Board just fiddles… #netDE #eduDE @WDEL @nwrkpost @delawareonline @ChristinaK12

Breaking news from Kirk Middle School:

So there are multiple concerns here not the least of which is Kirk Middle School has a COVID-19 positive case. To me, though, the most alarming concern is the tone of the communication which appears to try and make the recipient feel grateful for having received this notice at all… as it was “not required”.


Perhaps an engaged school board, one not set on abdicating its oversight role would insist on these communications EVERY SINGLE time, but the wording here makes me 100% believe that while the Kirk principal did the right thing (despite not controlling his urge to brag about providing basic critical health information to his staff) others may not… because it’s simply not required.

CEA should engage agressively on this. This is a CRITICAL SAFETY ISSUE. I understand and respect the privacy concerns regarding the identity of a diease vector, but cannot support or defend risking others to save face/manipulate public opinion regarding the safety of a building.

This is OUTRAGEOUS behavior that should be publicly rebuked and decried by the Superintendent and the BOE. This is what happens when Friends of Christina sympathizers gain control and legislators look the other way. You get DANGEROUS APATHY…the kind that unchecked could get someone killed.

Reminder: If Delaware hadn’t changed the original 3 metric system to determine if schools would be hybrid or 100% remote, this weeks COVID-19 numbers would have DE 100% REMOTE. #netDE #eduDE @wdel @nwrkpost @delawareonline #deCOVID


% positive by person 14 day average on 11/6/2020 was: 10.4% statewide. Why is our GA sittinf on their hands while our governor allows our educators to be placed at risk?

***BREAKING NEWS****COVID-19 rages in @ChristinaK12 West Park Place Autism classrooms. Will @PaulBaumbachDE and his BOE/Superintendent act to stop this pandemic from spreading? #deCOVID #netDE #eduDE

Three separate reports have confirmed 2 full callses of staff, full cohort of students, 2 teachers, multiple paraprofessionals and professional staff (1 OT, 1 PT and an intructional coach) are now in FULL 14 day quarantine. Needlessly…in a class with students with Autism. This is so traumatizing and outrageous.

The Board of Education apparently, with their refusal to act, condones community spread and the risk of life associated with this deadly disease. The precautions, the tests, the cleaning, the HVAC, the PPE: ALL FAILED.

This is what our tax dollars are subsidizing: fear, risk, mental health, and trauma.

This is no way to run a school district. This is nothing a publicly elected official sohuld actively support.

This is 100% on the BOE, Super, and their enablers in out General Assembly.

@DEDeptofED and @Delaware_DHSS are manipulating threshholds and downplaying current 4 week trends as schools are opening as virus is spiking. #deCOVID #netDE #eduDE

DPH Weekly reports revealthis is a 4 week trend. Are they aware that bringing in all the adults and all the cohorts of students they are bringing in will have no other impact than to move these numbers and more than likely not in a linear fashion? Just ask the DIAA and the field hockey coaches…

Here’s the 4 week running data from DPH. Scary. Why are we endangering teachers, students, families, and communities again?


Earlier this week I sent an email illustrating my concerns with the new threshold to go RED in one of three metrics associated with schools. They moed the threshold from 10% to 8%, seemingly making it easier to go RED, but at the same time they changed the measurement to one that is tracking 51% lower than the previous metric. Thi smakes the new metric much harder to turn RED, EVEN IN THE FACE OF RISING CASES. The result, no response from our public health officials, and no explanation of the mathematical or scientific reasoning for this critical change! Here’s thhe email:

Governor Carney and Director Rattay, 

Below is a chart of the last 12 days of available data (testing by tests on 2 day delay) for Testing by PERSONS and TESTS from the Delaware My Healthy Community website by date. You will also see the fixed value for the threshold to go RED in one of the three categories to determine the model of school available to districts throughout the state.

Recently, the state made a change to add the metric of TESTING % of CUMULATIVE TESTS POSITIVE. Today, the school dashboard was updated to replace the metric of TESTING % of PERSONS POSITIVE with the TESTING % of CUMULATIVE TESTS POSITIVE. Along with the metric change, so too was the threshold required to determine if the metric is RED.  It went from 10% of PERSONS positive to 8% of CUMULATIVE TESTS POSITIVE.

The chart below shows that in the last 12 days the ACTUAL spread between these two metrics is 50.86% less % POSITIVE CUMULATIVE TESTS. However, the new threshold of 8% is only 20% less than the 10% threshold established for % PERSONS POSITIVE.  The basic question is how was the new threshold for % POSITIVE OF CUMULATIVE TESTS calculated and how is that number squared with the apparent reality which appears much different? The chart below, using limited data, suggests the equivalent threshold for % POSITIVE OF CUMULATIVE TESTS should be 4.9% to go RED in this metric to join with the other two metrics to determine available school models.

Absent a transparent methodology and calculation to the contrary, 8% of % POSITIVE OF CUMULATIVE TESTS to GO RED appears to be a political decision, not a health decision.


Why did @RedClaySchools give their own board a presentation with incorrect math that favored return to school by inflating social distance metrics to imply rooms are safer than they may be… #netDE #eduDE

Red Clay Consolidated School District gave a board presentation that used INCORRECT math to suggest rooms are SAFER than they are. Check it out.

So, the room B math is right 5′ is 67% more than 3 feet (half the CDC recommendation, btw). But Room A at 6′ is 100% better than the 3 feet which is HALF the CDC recommenation or, it’s bare minimum…BUT THEY CLAIM IT’S 200%!!! In the MORE TYPICAL example, the spacing grows and so does their mathematically incorrect CLAIM!!! The typical is, IN FACT, 16.67% more that CDC recommendation which again is double the minimum.

IF I was on that board, I would have lit admin up for this attempt to sway board member views during a global pandemic. Additionally, relying on the public to not challenge these numbers is an old edu-trick to take advantage of people unable or unwilling to “do the math”.

This is not a good look with public health at stake, Superintendent Green and team.